Saintly stencil and unloved door

Back of the church of Santi Biagio e Carlo ai Catinari, Rome, October 2019

This disheveled stencil to the side of the church door features someone carrying a dead or injured body – more details than that are a mystery, and it has looked like this for some time (looks the same in the 2017 image on Google maps). The door looks similarly uncared for.


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 7 November 2019

Posted as part of Norm’s Doors

13 thoughts on “Saintly stencil and unloved door

  1. Please don’t mistake my agnosticism for an implied approval of this vandalism – I adore old churches! – but still, I think this is an insanely cool photograph. 🙂


  2. I’m not a fan of vandalizing a church door but this is still an interesting find.
    Just the kind of thing you can come across when you take the time to explore all sides of a building.

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