Ciara and Dennis


Storms Ciara and Dennis have brought high winds and much rain to the UK. As I write this, Dennis is raging war in my Hertfordshire garden, and the noise of wind and rain is quite menacing. Last weekend, I was both admiring and fearing Ciara, as she tormented Scotland.

The river has burst its banks in Callander, 9 February 2020

Kayakers are looking forward to a wider river and more challenges than normal

The following day, the ducks were relishing their expanded territory, and the humans had given up any idea of a picnic on the benches.

Callander, 10 February 2020


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 16 February 2020

Posted as part of All Seasons

15 thoughts on “Ciara and Dennis

  1. Sad sights! There are no floods here, but storms oh yes! Last night I had hard time sleeping due to the stormy wind – again. It seems that along with the climate chnge the storms get more frequent.

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  2. Sorry for such stormy weather, and hope they will move on soon! This looks quite bad:( and thank you for keeping us up to date at All Seasons with how the UK fares. Stay safe and warm coming week!

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  3. Living near a river really makes you understand the life of floods. Snow pack above us has already given us a potential of major flooding when it starts to melt. Be safe.


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