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Close contact with your faithful companion

All I need is coffee, a camera and some inspiration!

Many of us have got a bit more time on our hands than usual, so here are some ideas of how your camera (and/or phone) can keep boredom at bay.

My friend Sam is practicing his skills ready for a future trip

  1. Read the camera manual (often online not in hard copy)! And then try out a new setting.
  2. Sort out the archive -do you have a sensible structure of folders and sub-folders? -do you backup regularly? -clear out the images you will really never use; -go through your (now) wonderfully organised archive and add keywords.
  3. Develop your post-processing skills – there are some great guides to help you on YouTube, or just experiment. Perhaps try a new editing tool. Perhaps download a new App to change the way you take or edit images on your phone. A great way to have some fun.
  4. Play with flash and other methods of indoor lighting, such as lamps and candles.
  5. Try out still life and flat lay photography.
  6. Work on separating your subject from the background, or maybe adding more blur – shallow depth of field and ICM could become your friends.
  7. Photo one object in 10 different ways.
  8. Pick a professional photographer or two, and look closely at their work. This is a great way to get inspiration.
  9. Try out time-lapse.
  10. Enter a competition – I keep a list of current competitions here, and you’ll also find plenty of smaller competitions in your local area.
  11. Get some of your photos reviewed. Some competitions include feedback, and there are plenty of photographers out there who offer reviews.
  12. Set yourself a mini-project or two, perhaps a tour of your home, a focus on household objects, views from the windows, indoor plants, wildlife in your garden, …

I’ll be back to talk more about most of these suggestions, but there are plenty of ideas there to get you started. Do give comments below or ideas of your own, or anything you’d like me to focus on in more detail. I’ve also got a friendly professional photographer who has offered to help out on one or two of these topics.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 29 March 2020

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  1. I adore the photo of the bear! I never did grow out of teddy bears 🙂 🙂 I am starting to feel guilty because there are so many suggestions for great ways to pass the time, including all of them on here, but the days are tripping past… and I’m full of good intentions. 😦

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    • Yes, I think it is a good one to make us think and then be experimental. It may be a technical project for some, artistic for some, could be abstract, and could tell a story. Do post what you come up with!


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