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Tiptop illumination

It’s almost time for another month of squares with Becky. The April theme is top and you can take as topsy-turvy an interpretation as you like. Becky is very tolerant of wild imagination, as long as your image is SQUARE.

To bring back the happy memories of January, when the theme was words ending -light, here is a quick resume of my illuminations.

January brought lamplight and streetlight galore, and even a gaslight.

The month also gifted a share of colour and fruit, with redlights, greenlights, limelight, and even pinklight.

Twilight was a popular star as we twinkled through the month, as was starlight itself

Firelight and candlelight made a burning appearance

There were also flights, highlights and delights, plus riverlight, skylight, headlight, taillight, backlight, uplight and downlight

And I couldn’t deny the presence of daylight and sunlight, even if it was still winter

Sadly, we also saw the plight and blight of plastic.

So now we get ready for a the return of this top challenge on 1 April. Big thanks to Becky for hosting the quarterly month of equal-sided quadrilaterals – the quality of the theme is raised each time. Happy #squaretops to you all.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 29 March 2020

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  1. awww Debbie what a lovely lovely eve of eve of eve of Squares. Your January light squares were so very beautiful, and just adore how you have collated them in this post. See you Wednesday for #SquareTops!

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