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Clean from top to toe

Washing the veg during lockdown, April 2020



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 25 April 2020

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  1. I am still just rinsing mine, and only the ones I don’t peel. One of my neighbours though is doing the exactly the same as you – difficult to know what to do isn’t it


    • Very difficult.
      In the end I decided to wash everything and transfer to my own cloth bags. Then I don’t have to think about any dirty wrappers or dirty skins next to other things. A bit OCD, but in the end it requires less thinking 🙂
      Plus, as Jo noted, the photos are better with bubbles 🙂

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  2. In Germany, they don’t propagate this washing of veggies and bags and so on at all. The information we are getting is that smear infection is not occurring with COVID.-19. Washing your hands, still a good idea, they say but not one infection has been proven in such a way. Masks and physical distancing (I don’t like the term “social distancing” and feel it is inaccurate) are the way to go, we are told. It shows how little we know about this virus. All very confusing – but I prefer such a careful, even tentative approach (as frustrating as it can be) to somebody giving out definite statements that prove false a couple of days later. Science (and we are the subjects of a science experiment, I think) doesn’t work that way.

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    • Interesting, especially as you are controlling it much better than we are. Here they try to keep us all busy doing things (or not doing things) in the hope that we won’t notice that THEY are doing nothing. We still don’t have enough masks and the protective equipment for our medical and care staff.

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      • Masks are a problem here, too. From Monday they are mandatory in all states when using public transport or shopping. I’ve been sewing a lot (the proper PPE masks are supposed to go to the care and medical workers), But I am encouraged by the city of Jena: they have been enforcing mask wearing in enclosed interior rooms and had 2 weeks of no new infections (yesterday, they reported one from person who lives in Jena but commutes to a different town for work).

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        • I agree, masks have to be helpful as long as we are careful with removal, washing / disposing. I am hoping it will be a rule here when we relax lockdown. It is easy to regulate and should be a big contributor to avoiding a second outbreak.


        • Yes and no. Clear guidance (also across borders) would be nice. But I am coming to accept that proper science doesn’t always have definite answers, at least not at the beginning of a problem, and that situations in different areas may be different, e.g. in densely populated hotspots measures taken might be and possibly should be different to measures in sparsely populated, rural areas with very few or even no cases of infection. In Germany we are told that this is an advantage of our federal system but it can be confusing (particularly if one lives in an area where 3 federal state converge).

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  3. What a fantastic sight, and one that made me smile loads! 🙂 🙂 I never use bubbles when I was veg but it works beautifully for the photos. Thinking out of the box and into the sink 🙂

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    • I don’t normally but that say to do the same to the veg as to you hands. Friday is food delivery day for me which means a lot of washing. Not my favourite occupation so I decided to brighten the morning by taking photos. Glad it gave you a smile too, Jo


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