13 thoughts on “I’m a fan of surprises

  1. As you say juxtaposition.. Well spotted, I guess many of us would have missed it. But barbed wire and in multi strands I hate. Rarely fitted with the necessary safety guidelines…. But those are for humans sadly not wildlife.

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    1. I’ve been looking for fences recently for my little lockdown project. This finding was particularly interesting as it showed that what is a barrier for some can be appealing to others. Just wish I’d had a long lens and a few more seconds to get focus spot on.

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      1. Life is always full of ifs and buts. I have been walking light of late, so missed what I imagined would have been a great shot of a Buzzard, right location, right time, right pose wrong lens. 🙂


    1. You need to track them down late evening or early morning when the cold slows them down. This one was about 18:00 and he still flew off when I got closer. I’m not a morning person. but I think that’s the best time as you can catch them slowly warming up and spreading their wings. Or so I am told!

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