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Dreaming of summer

Spring has been kind to us this year, and summer is on its way. Many of us had plans of places to be, things to see, people to meet up with, and everything has been thrown into disarray by the pandemic. At some point, we’ll once again be able to make plans and stick to them, but for now it is more about reflecting, planning and dreaming.

Here, I am looking at some of the places I love and that I had planned to revisit this summer.

Istanbul, April 2015

Right now I should have been in Cape Town for work, with a quick added sojourn in Botswana. Then, in June, I should have been in Turkey to see the wild horses and wonderful landscapes of Cappadocia, plus a few days in a city that I love, Istanbul.

My other main summer plans had been Rencontres 2020, the annual photography exhibition in beautiful Arles, and Edinburgh Festival. Plus, a slightly longer visit to Shetland than last year, a return to Moldova, and a few days with family in Devon.




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 1 May 2020

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  1. A thousand years ago I was stationed in Turkey for two years. Istanbul was our city of relaxation and fun. Wonderful memories of delighful people and great food. Thanks for the memory.


    • I’m freelance for a few companies. That trip was to speak at a conference. It is potentially postponed till November but I can’t see it happening. There are some companies I support through work at an industry association are suffering badly at the moment.


      • At least you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. I wasn’t sure if it was your own business. Things are so tourism oriented here that it’s going to be really hard to find a way forward. A lot of charity work going on to keep food on the tables. 🙄💕


        • Yes, I’m not badly affected at the moment but my passion is now worth approximately zero so I may have to work forever! But at the moment aim feeling sorry for people who are really struggling. So many businesses will go under, especially small ones. Even when we can travel things will be different. Favourite cafes and restaurants will be gone. Hi will be out and about as soon as it is possible / safe and giving business to as many as I can. I have huge concerns for some countries but enough depression for now! x

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  2. My travel plans hadn’t all been finalized for which I’m glad, as at least I don’t have to think of what might have been, only what could possibly have been. But I should have been in Italy late this month which I’m missing like mad (food, mainly) and then Denmark and Sweden in August. Thailand next January is still a possibility so I’m keeping my fingers crossed but not getting my hopes up. At least the garden will be kept tidy this year.

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  3. Wow: and I had been getting excited about going to Wellington for the weekend. I was already feeling like my travelling days were numbered and now the number seems very small ☹️

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