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Uprising in mosaic

Mosaic of uprising, people in masks, fire and the words "Debout! Soulève-toi!

Mosaic of an uprising, South Bank London, June 2020

It was quite eery discovering this piece of street art, on a day that the main sounds I heard were helicopters overhead and the sirens of police vans across central London. The police were hard at work trying to keep the far right groups away from the Black Lives Matter parade.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 15 June 2020

Enjoying street art has become a regular event on my travels around the world: more of my findings can be seen here
For even more art, pop over to see Sami at Monday Mural

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  1. You were brave to venture out yesterday. I’d have been cowering at home scared witless by the thugs roaming the streets looking for a fight and boozed up to the eyeballs. Well, there may have been one or two who had tagged along not quite knowing the facts – I’m trying to be over-generous here – but I doubt it. You must be one of the first to have ever posted such an up-to-date mural, so congratulations. It’s quite a good mosaic, too.

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    • It was easy to avoid the trouble – you just move in the opposite direction to police vans and hovering helicopters. It was also easy to spot many of the trouble makers just by looking at them and hearing what they were saying to each other as they headed towards the centre.
      On a happier note, there were plenty of normal, kind people out there too, sitting on the beach, or just walking and admiring the views. The only danger I was concerned about was the virus.


  2. I’m impressed with the sign of the times. I’m also impressed that this happened in London, since it seems the entire world has caught on to an event that took place in Minnesota in the U.S.. of all places. I like that you were able to capture the mosaic with all that confusion and stress going on around you. Good for you, dear. The far right are everywhere, whether we want them to be or not. In the states, they are encouraged by our president who calls them “good people.”

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    • Yes, it’s all very depressing. Every element of it! The fact that discrimination still exists (and for many reasons, not just colour); the fact that many of us haven’t tried hard enough to put that right; the fact that many of us still buy products that are produced by almost-slaves; and I won’t even get started on the far-right!


  3. That’s both beautiful and expressive. Sad about far right provocateurs. We in the US have them too (at all levels).

    be well… mae at

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    • Indeed! Hi have to say I hadn’t that much attention to the French Nuit Debout parades and didn’t know how popular the slogan had become. I’m just hoping I can find a way to see a positive side of the obnoxious far-right people causing havoc on our streets on Saturday. Don’t think it’s possible though!

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