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Six caryatids and a friend

Row of three caryatids in front off a hedge

Three of the six caryatids, Anglesey Abbey, Cambs., June 2020

Classic caryatid with small toy giraffe at her feet

These Coadestone caryatids dating back to 1793, and originally housed at Buckingham House, stand at the junction of Coronation Avenue and Cross Avenue in the gardens of Anglesey Abbey. This one had a small friend, with a long neck, resting happily at her feet; a pleasant surprise for me and my camera.

Small toy giraffe at feet of a caryatid


Copyright Debbie Smyth,  29 June 2020

Posted as part of Lens-Artists

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  1. What a lovely place …. I noticed the date stamp – you just visited this past month? I guess the overgrown grass should have been a hint. Our hedges (usually immaculately manicured) are mostly over grown and quite natural and lovely now.

    Was the giraffe a toy someone left behind? I can’t quite tell because the colour is almost the perfect match with the sculpture’s.

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    • Yes, I visited last week. It’s one of the National Trust gardens that are open for booking. It was a lovely afternoon and they have kept the visitor numbers very low so social distancing was never an issue. I think it was a lost toy, but as you say it looked a perfect match – as though it had been there a long time and faded in the sun.


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