Modern warmth on Old Bailey

Today I decided I needed a bit of one-colour; one-colour Wednesday, perhaps? It may become a habit, and it might sometimes be a more traditional black and white monochrome, but today I felt pink.

This building has plenty of reds and pinks anyway, I just gave it a helping hand.

Modern retail and office block, Old Bailey, London, August 2020



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 26 August 2020

Posted as part of my Wednesday One Colour series

6 thoughts on “Modern warmth on Old Bailey

  1. I like your interpretation of modern warmth, Debs 🙂 🙂 Sticky warmth here at present. It’s funny how you don’t mind it so much when out at a restaurant or strolling under the stars.


    1. That is very true, Jo. I’d be very happy with heat and wine and a gentle breeze. Not quite like that here. I ate in London on Monday after finding the latest gumpics and sheltered under an umbrella because of rain not sun!

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  2. Your “like” button seems to have disappeared. On purpose? — I quite like the pink hues. I had kind of a pink day myself today. In class we talked about domestic animals, pigs amongst others. Turns out, the Muslim taboo has worked: I got the wildest guesses about what colours pigs are, anything from white to black via brown and green! Nobody believed pink. I had to show them, and even then some of them tried not to look.


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