Hats off to Lee

Meet Lee Welham, a fun and knowledgeable Big Issue seller, in Cambridge. He is proud of his half Indian, half Scottish heritage, and shares his local Cambridge knowledge with passers by. He is a franchisee who looks after other sellers, and he has also appeared on Channel 4.

Big issuer seller, Lee Welham, Cambridge, September 2020

Want to know why the Round Church is round? Want to find the pub that hosted the announcement of DNA discovery? Want to discover the place where Oliver Cromwell’s head is buried? Then, this is the man to talk to. And he is working hard to set up a market stall, slowed down by COVID-19, so be sure to buy a magazine from him too. You’ll find him on duty outside the Round Church.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 8 September 2020

Posted as part of Photo a Week: Hats off

8 thoughts on “Hats off to Lee

      1. The book is a must read! I have given out 10 copies over the past few years and they never come back to me as the person who read it has someone else they think would love it. So do give it a read.


    1. Ah, hadn’t thought to explain that.
      It’s a magazine set up in 1991 for the homeless and jobless to sell and earn a living from. They buy the magazine for £1.50 and sell it for £3. You’ll see the sellers all over the country, in their regular spots. It has inspired similar magazines in many other countries. More info here: https://www.bigissue.com/about/

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