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Architectural delights

Cream stucco abounds along the Outer Circle at Regent’s Park in London. Here are two buildings designed by John Nash in the early nineteenth century.

The first image is of Cumberland Terrace, a design commissioned under the patronage of the Prince Regent (later George IV) and positioned opposite the Prince’s proposed palace in the Park. It was completed in 1826 and is a Grade I listed building.
You see here part of the central block, with its row of ionic columns and the glorious sculptural pediment on top. The terrace consisted of 31 homes, and is now still private residences, though some have been split into apartments.

Cumberland Terrace, London, November 2020

The second image is of the Diorama. This is another beautiful John Nash terrace, where the central portion housed the entrance to the Diorama building behind. It opened in 1823, acting as the provider of a prequel to cinema. The rotating amphitheatre allowed viewers to enjoy seemingly 3D views of giant images. Use of translucent paper with one image behind anmother, plus clever lighting, attracted the spectators.

Diorama building, Regent’s Park Square, London, November 2020



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 17 November 2020

Posted as part of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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  1. Learnt something new – look forward to the days when we can return to London. We have bought a few accommodation vouchers at our club, so as soon as we feel confident to travel we will be up there . . .in the meanwhile the vouchers support the club 🙂


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