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One hundred and seventy two steps up

Gazing up, rather then walking up, on a cold and frosty day

Bridgewater Monument, Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire, January 2021

This monument was built in 1832 in memory of the third Duke of Bridgewater, famous for building canals in North-West England during the Industrial Revolution. The Canal Duke, as he is sometimes known, lived in Ashridge House as a child but later moved to his estate in Worsley. He commissioned the Bridgewater Canal to service the coal mines in Worsley, running from Worsley to Manchester.

In the summer, this monument at Ashridge is open for anyone keen to climb the 172 steps and admire the views of the estate, and further afield. If the weather and your eyesight are on your side after your exertions, you should be able to see as far as Canary Wharf in London.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 11 January 2021

Posted as part of Becky’s January SquareUp

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    • I’ll be back post-lockdown and post-winter to check out the view 🙂
      I couldn’t even get close to the tower at the weekend as the area was closed for grass recovery


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