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Special moments, special places

Tina has asked us to share special moments – what a huge and difficult task. How to choose?

I have gone for a quick look back at some places that I have loved discovering – perhaps for their beauty, or their culture, or their architecture, or for the people that I met while I was there.

Discovering Mont St Michel’s summer colours, July 2020


Copyright Debbie Smyth,  19 March 2021

Posted as part of Lens-Artists

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  1. All these beautiful places . . . oh, my! You’ve selected some great scenes to show us, too. I’m especially fond of the last one — color, repetition, and an exciting spot to visit, even though I haven’t been there yet!

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  2. So many wonderful places that have brought you special moments. You even made Los Angeles look good. 😀 One place I’d like to see in person is Victoria Falls. 😀


  3. Oh my Debbie, I can see why you’re late to the party this week – your images are stunning and your experiences vast and beautiful. Having been to many of the places you featured I found many a smile among them. But I’m very jealous of both of your Edinburgh shots – wherever did you find them?!?! I saw neither 😩. Have also been to the Camargue but found only stationary horses there (beautiful tho they were). Were you on a tour where they new there would be action or were you simply more fortunate than I was? Also, loved the light in your LA shot – magical!


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