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Room to wander at Bank Junction

Bank Junction, London, March 2021



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 7 May 2021

Posted as part of Weekend B&W

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  1. The contrast between the traditional/older buildings and the modern ones is quite stark, isn’t it? I love the shape and design of what I’m guessing is the bank building.


    • Yes London is still very quiet. At weekends the main leisure locations are as busy as ever – along the Thames, markets, parks, restaurants, etc – but business areas like this are eerily quiet


  2. Dr. Oliver Sacks writes this about London “London has all the makings of an ever-changing city: superimposed on earlier strata, layer upon layer and into the distant past, the present covers the past there like a transparent filter, just as Schliemann’s Troy is buried beneath other habitats. I find that this photo illustrates the metaphor well. Architectural unity is not a concern, but it gives a very strange effect of different times coming together in one space . Both pictures ae very beautiful

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    • Thanks for this great description of London, Arnaud. There’s an information plaque in the square identifying the buildings and several are already missing. This picture also shows the changing times. This is usually the busiest crossing point in London – never a centimetre of the floor visible. But now it is empty, The photos were taken in March but I was there again this afternoon, and it was just the same.


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