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Our Lady of Tears

I showed you the pointed and seemingly folded tower of the Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime a few weeks ago, and thought it time I told you and showed you a bit more about this amazing building.

Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime
Siracusa, Sicily, September 2021

The unusual external design of this church is inspired by the shape of a teardrop, and the place is home to the statue of the Virgin Mary that allegedly wept for four days in 1953 and bestowed miraculous cures on many people. To learn more about that event, you can visit the Museum of the Lacrymation on the floor below the sanctuary.

And now it’s time to shed a few tears, not just to keep company with this teardrop church, but also to say goodbye to another great month of squares. It’s a big thank you once again to Becky for hosting this challenge, and here’s looking forward to the next one which is planned for February 2022. Thanks Becky!



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 31 October 2021

Posted as part of Becky’s PastSquares and its Lines theme

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  1. Beautiful and unusual church. In what is now called Maputo in Mozambique, there was a similar church – Igreja da Polana, which people called “the lemon squeezer” because of its shape.


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