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May your moustache grow like brushwood

London, August 2020

Many of us say “bless you” if someone sneezes, but in Mongolia they are more effusive: бурхан оршоо бутын чинээ сахал урга (bless you and may your moustache grow like brushwood).

And it’s time for some music today, with a moustache-less blessing:

 May  Burkhan Khaldun Bless You – a sacred mountain, revered by Genghis Khan.  
“I went up Mount Burkhan,
Though I was frightened and ran like an insect,
I was shielded by Mount Burkhan Khaldun,
I will honor Burkhan Khaldun with sacrifices every morning and pray to it every day: my children and my children’s children shall be mindful of this”


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 26 February 2022

Posted as part of Becky’s SquareOdds

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  1. Any Dali, how interesting 🙂 I certainly don’t want to be blessed with a moustache, lol.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Debbie.

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  2. Did you know that we have in Antwerp a moustache club that was twice in the Guinness Book of Records ?
    I will send you the link here :

    It’s in Dutch but you can translate some text with Google Translate if you wish.
    Under INFO you will find pictures of the members of the board.
    Under GESCHIEDENIS (History) you can reed more about the origin of the club and their history over the years.
    Have fun and I wish you a lovely weekend 😉

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