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Walking with Anthony

Another Time by Anthony Gormley, Margate, Kent, October 2022 (taken with iPhone)

I have walked this stretch of the coastline many, many times but I have rarely seen this iron man. He stands on Fulsam Rock, below the Turner Gallery in Margate, and is due to be there until 2030. You typically see him start to appear around 3 hours before low tide, and once the waters have receded you can slip and slide your way along the rocks for a closer view.


I have seen several of these solitary men created by Gormley, in fact cast from his own body, and there is something about them that makes me stand and watch them closely. To see more Gormley men, click here


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 3 November 2022

Posted as part of Becky’s WalkingSquares

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  1. Evokes a very mixed feeling, difficult to explain. Something like a longing for something – either to go far away (the German – “Fernweh”) or to wait for someone who has gone (the Portuguese – “Saudade”)..

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  2. Beautiful images Debbie….I’ve learnt something new… I never knew he existed. I haven’t been to Margate for years… We might now go down there and have a look.

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    • He was put there in 2007, but it was a long time before I noticed him, or noticed the sign at least. In high tide he vanishes completely so he’s very easy to miss. He’s literally below the Turner and the Tourist Information building.

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