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Part of the Light Show at Battersea Power Station, London, February 2023

Welcome to One Word Sunday, and over to all of you to join the challenge with your own wash / washed / washing post.
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Thanks to everyone who shared something abstract last week.
Special thanks go to Geriatri’x’ for something close to home; to Le Drake Noir for showing the power of nature; and, to Sue for her beautiful abstracts

If you didn’t have chance to check out everyone’s offerings, the links are below. Why not grab a coffee now and go blog exploring.


Next week’s theme will be wheels.
Other forthcoming themes are listed here, and to see previous weeks of this challenge, click here





Copyright Debbie Smyth, 12 March 2023

Posted as part of  One Word Sunday

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    • I don’t like to admit this, Brian, but there was a better shot up for grabs had I been thinking more about photos and less about eating and drinking!! If I had gone to the other side of the washing, I could have had the power station towers in the shot. But don’t tell anyone! 😉

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    • The Tate Modern is in a power station but not this one. It’s further east. As it happens, Tate Britain isn’t far from Battersea, but one the other side of the river. Just a short hop on the river boat.
      Battersea Power Station is now restaurants, shopping and accommodation.


  1. Looks like lots of fun, Debbie. There are so many places in Europe that you could take photos of washing. However, in the US, many areas don’t allow washing to be hung outdoors. I don’t understand that at all! What can be offensive about drying laundry? Sigh.

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    • In Asia too, drying laundry outside is the most normal thing to do. I share your thought on what is so offensive about drying laundry! I’m sure it was some nouveau rich people deciding that it was either vulgar or spoilt the look of their neighborhood to see laundry hung out to dry!

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