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Bottles in the back window of a London restaurant, March 2023

Welcome to One Word Sunday, and over to all of you to join the challenge with your own blue post.
To join the challenge, please use pingback by putting a link in your post to the URL of this post, allowing others to have the opportunity to visit and join the challenge. Then come back here and leave us a comment.
If you have any problems with linking via pingback, just add your own URL into your comment.

It also helps us find you in the WordPress Reader, if you use the tags OWS and OneWordSunday.

Thanks to everyone who shared things colourful last week.
Special thanks go to Klara for her muted and gentle colours; to PR for her bright colours and some memories for me; and to Brian for some great words inspired by his colours.

If you didn’t have chance to check out everyone’s offerings, the links are below. Why not grab a coffee now and go blog exploring.


Next week’s theme will be busy.
Other forthcoming themes are listed here, and to see previous weeks of this challenge, click here





Copyright Debbie Smyth, 30 April 2023

Posted as part of  One Word Sunday

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  3. Love the bottles, Debbie. I thought I was seeing a new type of windshield glass recently as the sun shining off appeared to be blue. Turned out it was from my sunglasses. 🙂

    BTW, thanks for having your post out so early. I like being able to link before I go to bed, as by the time I get up, quite a few people have already been here.

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