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Coming into the Present

This wonderful sculpture caught my eye this week:

Coming into the Present by Heloise Crista

Coming into the Present by Heloise Crista

Coming into the Present by Heloise Crista

Coming into the Present by Heloise Crista

The wave motions create an impression of forward movement, making it stand out amongst the other sculptures on display.  It is one of many beautiful sculptures by Heloise Crista that are exhibited at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Crista initially studied Applied Arts at UCLA before going on to become part of the Taliesin Fellowship,  Appropriately enough, her her first recognized sculptural work was a bust of Frank Lloyd Wright made in 1956.  Yet it was not until 1978 that she finally decided to become a sculptor, specialising in bronzes, but also sometimes using steel and fabricated sheet metal.  There is a permanent display at Taliesin West.


Linked to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

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  1. I love this sculpture – which part of it is in the present? Which is the past that we are constantly coming back to or trying to run away from, which is the future we are always anxiously looking forward to. Where is the sweet moment? Thanks for sharing this image.


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