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Orchid Festival at Kew

-Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 30

Every Thursday, I publish a post containing photo(s) taken from above or below, and invite you to join in the challenge by posting your own photos with an up or down perspective.

I finally got to this year’s annual Orchid Festival – on its final day.  But what a day; the sun shone and the crowds came out.


A team of 20 horticulturists took more than 4 weeks to install over 6,500 orchids and 3,000 other tropical plants.  The  result was an incredible display; flowers popped up from beneath rocks and logs


and cascaded down from above


This festival is an annual event, so if you missed it this year make a note to get there in Spring 2015 instead.  I shall certainly be returning next year.


The Challenge

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Every Thursday, I publish a post containing photos taken from above or below, and invite you to join in the challenge by posting your own photos with an up or down perspective.  Just publish your post as normal and then link it to this challenge.

Welcome to week 27!  A big thank you to all who entered last week – we had our most participants ever.

You can see all of the entries from previous weeks on my Pinterest board if you are seeking inspiration, or are  just plain nosy.

So please show us what you have; share your up or down perspective with us.  Simply create your own post as normal, create a link to this challenge and then click here to enter your link and to view other entries.  If you have any difficulties with the linky, please just leave your link in a comment below and I will upload your thumbnail.

Finally, please don’t forget to go and visit the other challengers and pass on your views and encouragement.

To find out more about how to enter, click here.  The linky list will open each Thursday at 00:01 GMT and will be open for a week.

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  1. I see I have been here before! Odd, I thought I was following you, but realised that I haven’t had any notifications lately from your blog. Turns out that somehow I had ‘unflollowed’ 😕


  2. Orchids are wonderful. A whole show of them would be breathtaking. As your commenter above me here says they do grow well outdoors in Florida and I have showed some of our neighbors before. But I’ve never been to a show of them.


  3. The festival looks cool – and great shots (like the one of the people the most- I found my self looking again and again at it – because each person is in such different pose and it says so much – and you take a lot of great photos – and this one reminds me of a “person study” one….
    but I also liked the other shots –

    even though I am not sure how I feel about orchids – I can’t seem to grow them and they seem to “stuck up” for my house. ha ha – but my mom and friend Karin grow them and make it looks easy. and in Florida – each morning my mom’s spotted-maroon orchid was opening up just a bit more – and it was breathtaking.


  4. Still haven’t visited it! Sorry, I saw my pic has too many pixels, but don’t know how to remove it and get a smaller version in – just let me know what to do, thanks


  5. What a perfect place for both up and down shots. Aren’t orchids stunning? And I find the crowd just as interesting. 🙂 I really like your Pinterest board, you can see all of our images in one place… there is such variety!


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