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Starflyer Flies High

-Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 53

Every Thursday, I publish a post containing photo(s) taken from above or below, and invite you to join in the challenge by posting your own photos with an up or down perspective.


This week I present the highest mobile fairground ride in the World, or so it claims.

The original Starflyer opened at the Prater in Vienna in 2003 and created quite a stir.  It resembles a traditional, tame fairground ride with open chairs on a chain that swing around a central pole, a bit like a May Pole.  But on the Star Flyer the seats  are raised to the top of a tall pole, and in the Austrian version the seats apparently went up and down and reversed direction.

This London version was bought in Austria and adapted in the UK.  It still has the seats on chains, and your feet still dangle in fresh air, and you’re still high up (72 meters) but the seats are now enclosed in a plastic capsule.


All Aboard!


Inching slowly towards the stars


Moving on up


Building up Speed


Life’s a blur!

This ride is currently on the South Bank in London, close to the Shell Building and Waterloo Station.


The Challenge

Click here to enter the challenge

Welcome to week 53 and a huge thank you as always to those who entered last week.  We had our first toilet of the challenge, a few signs, including a funny German one, a great shot of a plummeting bird, and the beautiful, beautiful rooftops of Frigiliana in Spain.  You can see all of the entries from this and previous weeks on my Pinterest board if you have missed any.

All are welcome; do please share your up or down perspective with us.  Simply create your own post as normal, create a link to this challenge and then click here to enter your link and to view other entries.  If you have any difficulties with the linky, please just leave your link in a comment below and I will upload your thumbnail.

Finally, please don’t forget to go and visit the other challengers and pass on your views and encouragement.

To find out more about how to enter, click here.  The linky list will open each Thursday at 00:01 GMT (or a bit before) and will be open for a week.

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8 replies »

  1. Beautiful effect of that star! it probably would be a little bit too high for me:) Also like the (literal) time warp you showed – can I ever relate to that!


  2. It looks pretty impressive. I am terrified of open heights…I might brave riding on something enclosed.

    My post this week is of California’s state capitol…a long way from my temporary home in Mumbai, India!!


  3. Better than the Prater one. The night pics are exciting Debbie. Did you go up? I will have a look at your challenge and participants’ entry when I find a spare moment.


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