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Parisian Art Nouveau and a Good Hotel

One of my favourite hotels in Paris is hidden away in a street full of impressive buildings, not far from the Eiffel Tower.  I can’t see the tower itself from my window, but I can see some other great windows.


The windows of this fabulous 1913 building have incredible detail.  I wouldn’t mind living behind one of them. And there are plenty of fantastic, very Parisian buildings to choose from here (if you have the money); all the work of the same architect, Albert Veque, and all dated 1913.  They leave you in no doubt that you are now in one of the more upmarket areas of Paris.



The hotel in question is Hotel Sezz, a small boutique hotel, with bright and slightly quirky rooms.  Many of the rooms have large stone baths and see-through walls to the bathrooms.  The rooms aren’t big, but by clever use of glass and mirrors they feel more spacious than they are in reality.  The service here is top class; you know things are going to go well when you are greeted with the offer of a glass of champagne on arrival.  The banks of the Seine are a minute from your door, the Eiffel Tower itself is just a 10 minute walk away,  Metro Passy is just around the corner and Roland Garros, Parc des Princes and the Bois de Boulogne all share this affluent arrondissement.

The only downsides in my view are, firstly, taxi drivers struggle to find it.  In fact, Parisian taxi drivers struggle to find a lot of places! The problem here is that Sezz sounds like seize – so be sure to explain that you want the 16th arrondissement.  My second downside is the champagne bar.  Now, a champagne bar shouldn’t be a downside, should it? But this one is located in the breakfast room, at the back of the hotel.  I always feel as though I should have a tartine with my fizz.

Hotel Sezz, 6 avenue Frémiet, 75016 Paris


Linked to Lingering Look at Windows.



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