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Time Warp Dalí Style

a1_20140213_aDSC01980c_3708 x 2321

This fantastic Dalíesque clock, inspired by his famous painting The Persistence of Memory ( La persistencia de la memoria), adorns a slightly wonky bench outside the Dalí Museum in St Petersburg, Florida.

a1_20140213_aDSC01982c2_4668 x 2917

Daliesque clock with a touch of antique feel

This is linked to a new challenge at an interesting blog that I have just discovered: KafeScrapoMama

aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 20 May 2015


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  1. Debbie, no dejas de sorprenderme con tus fotografías diarias, y por participar en tantos retos maravillosos. Esta es muy original y refleja perfectamente el arte de Dalí.
    Cómo se puede hacer para guardar tantas fotos sin problemas en el ordenador? Intento utilizar el Picasa, como me sugeriste, pero tengo problemas de almacenamiento, ya que creo que me duplica las fotos.
    Podría consultarte algunas dudas?
    Muchas gracias. Saludos.


    • Hello from Barcelona! 😃

      I now use Lightroom for the majority of my editing. I did use Picasa for a while but it is very limited compared with Lightroom. You can get Lightroom on licence for a treasonable price.

      I keep all of my photos on an external hard drive. I have one that I carry with me. And others for backup. You can easily get 1 or 2Tb drives for a good price.

      Another photographer recommended Capture One instead of Lightroom but I haven’t looked at that yet.

      Sent from my iPhone



      • Hi Debbie, I understand that payment is Lightroom? It is that I have so little experience and use it as little do not know if it would be worth the buy.
        The hard drive, and what I have, but I am having trouble with the original and folders with Picasa, and not what photos to initially spend your hard drive.
        I hope you understand the translator, think and sun uncomplicated what I tell you.
        What is a snapshot?
        Debiie thank you very much for your interest and your patience.


        • Hi Mariángeles
          The translator does a few odd things! Feel free to write in Spanish – I understand it quite well, but I cannot write in Spanish very well.

          I’m afraid I don’t know Picasa well enough to be able to help you. The main problem with Picasa for me is that you have to be careful not to change the original photo. When you have made changes save it as a different name. There is a way to export the photo into a smaller .jpg file, which is ideal for blogs and smaller save on the hard drive.

          Lightroom is quite easy to use. You can find lessons on youtube. Maybe you can find lessons on Picasa on youtube too?



        • No puedes imaginar la alegría de saber que puedes entender español.
          Miraré en Youtube para buscar vídeos de Picasa y de Lightrooms.
          Muchas gracias Debbie, espero que tu estancia en Barcelona sea estupenda y que vuelvas pronto por Madrid.


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