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Arty Stroll along Orchard Road

a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1827_6000 x 4000Orchard Road in Singapore is normally associated more with shopping than with art – so grab some comfy shoes and a bottle of water and I’ll show you something a little different.  This won’t be a long walk as the heat and humidity combined make outdoor activity far more strenuous than normal, but it will be entertaining.

Starting at the western end of Orchard, where it meets Tanglin, we head east as far as the first major junction , where several modern shopping malls cluster around the crossroads.  On the south west corner stands the pointed glass tower of the Wheelock Centre, but we are heading for the striking Ion Mall on the opposite corner.  Supposedly shaped like an upside down flower, with its stem pointing skywards, its sinuous design stands out even in this city of high rise glass of metal.

a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1833_6000 x 4000

Outside the mall are two interesting sculptures.  The first one you’ll spy is Doggy 240, a multi-coloured French bulldog, made of painted bronze by the French painter and sculptor Julien Marinetti in 2014.

a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1831_6000 x 4000

Doggy 240, Julien Marinetti, 2014

Close to this, set back slightly from the main road is an older bronze sculpture, one that takes us back to the Orchard Road of the mid-1800s, when it led to nutmeg, pepper and fruit orchards.

a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1835_6000 x 4000

Nutmeg and Mace, Kumari Nuhappan, 2009

This giant bronze nutmeg, weighing 2 tonnes, is by Kumari Nuhappan.  It is a great celebration of this prized spice, unusual for providing two flavours from one fruit – nutmeg from the seed and mace from the red lacy seed covering.

Now we go back to the main road and walk along the front of the Ion Mall to take a look at the shiny, bright Urban People.  

a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1849_6000 x 4000

Urban People, Kurt Laurenz Metzler, 2009

This aluminium crowd is the work of Kurt Laurenz Metzler, a Swiss sculptor, whose aim here was to capture everyday urban life, ion-style.

a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1846_6000 x 4000

Next we will walk a short way along this south side of Orchard, taking time to admire the etched glass panels along the roadside that recall some of the plants and buildings that used to line this street.

a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1857_4000 x 6000

The panel above depicts the old cast iron Koek Market, a covered market dating back to 1891.

This is not an easy road to cross, so we’ll go to the junction with Orchard Link and cross over to the Paragon Mall, to enjoy Sun Yu-li’s leaping and dancing sculptures.

a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1867_6000 x 4000 a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1868_6000 x 4000

Now we’ll pop across Bideford Road to the Knightsbridge mall, where the yellow, wavy water feature might just make us feel a little cooler.

a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1873_6000 x 4000

At this point, it’s time for a bit of retail therapy – not because I want to shop, but I really need to feel their air-conditioning.  We’ve only walked about a kilometre, but it feels like five!

I’ll see you back here next week when I’ll take you off Orchard Road, to an area with a very different look and feel.

Part of Jo’s Monday Walks.
aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 4 August 2015

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  1. Stunning artwork and I do adore the Frenchie. The Nutmeg and Mace is also one of my favourites. 😀

    Excellent shots Debbie. I can see you had lots of fun. 😀


  2. The street art is fascinating, especially the Urban People and Sun Yu Li’s sculptures. And I didn’t realise nutmeg and mace were from the same plant! So thank- you for a very interesting post.


  3. Good to have you around again, Debs! I can’t remember when I last saw such wonderful and varied modern sculpture in one place (maybe beachfront st Sydney, but not in person, sadly 🙂 ). I particularly like the nutmeg and those freaky coloured bods. 🙂 No time to dally this morning but I loved your Bench too. Thanks a lot for your company!


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