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  1. Well, traditionally when someone loses a glove (while they take out a handkerchief, say), the next friendly passer-by picks it up and puts it on the fence, so it is more visible and clean should the owner come back for it. I retrieved gloves, baby shoes and socks this way. One time even a jacket that flew out of my bicycle basket. I hadn’t noticed till I saw it hanging on the fence on my way back.


  2. Pleased you have taken up a theme I followed for a couple of years . Over the winters I discovered along the way enough gloves to keep any decent sized outfitter going for some time. There was just one snag or rather mystery… was always a single glove…ALL Adult Gloves were left handed whilst the occasional Childs glove when discovered was always a Right handed glove !? I still find them, though as this winter has been much milder there have been less common so stopped recording them…..though I have noted that the left right mystery continue. I also thought I would give my visitors to the Blog a rest….I think many thought I had become obsessed 🙂 .


  3. No gloves. Lots of single shoes. Love the photo, the placement of the gloves, the ocean beyond…


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