Sail over to Gucci

Gucci on Lafayette St,  SoHo,  New York,  February 2017



This hand-painted advertising mural is the work of Jayde Fish, a San Francisco-based artist.   The 2,500 square foot wall was clearly begging for decoration and will take on a few different looks during 2017.

This piece, known as “The Hermit”, was carried out over 6 days, opening on 6th February to coincide with New York Fashion Week .  It will stay in place until the end of March, when a new piece will take over.


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 6 March 2017

Part of Monday Mural

16 thoughts on “Sail over to Gucci

  1. Oh, thank you for mentioning that he is San Francisco based – next time we come there to pick up someone from the airport, I’ld would like to see more of Fish’ work! Huge work!


    1. I agree. Do short s the me for s lovely work. But a great success for the artist – discovered from Instagram apparently. An impressive career move!

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