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I’m entering a local competition and would like your help in picking an image.  There is no actual theme but I think it needs to be urban and have people!  I can’t get my SurveyMonkey to display so please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Many thanks!



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 11 June 2017


20 thoughts on “Pick a favourite

  1. The symmetry mages are interesting, Debs – Baku symmetry appeals for its fairly minimalist look, but my favourite is the Cuba image with the street art appearing to be watching the children…..

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  2. I do like all of them, Debbie, but I have two favourites that stand out to me. Oslo Symmetry just because of that fabulous sky, is one of them, However, I’d go with Cuba Street Art, it speaks on so many levels.


  3. Debbie, I’d have to agree with Tom Merriman above. The Oslo image is great, but the Cuban street Art speaks to me.
    Excellent photos, Debbie


    1. Thanks Jo. That was my thought on Cuba (plus the front girl’s face isn’t in focus). Then Baku is very striking, but I have a soft spot for Oslo. I will decide in the morning when i’m more awake!

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  4. The top left has an interesting angle…
    Apropos, in which post can I find the next theme (s) for one Word Sunday? Your Early Bird Friend:):)


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