Help Requested

This is not one of my regular travel posts – I am making a request for volunteers to participate in research my daughter is carrying out for her MSc at Manchester University.  She is looking for females who have worked or are working in the UK or for a UK-based company and who can spare her about 45 minutes.

More information below:


Psychology Research – help required!
Request for female volunteer interviewees

What is it about?
The study aims to explore gender, bullying and power in the workplace, and the links between them. Research has found that it can be hard for women to excel to a top level in the workplace, and that they may face different expectations in regards to their behaviour in  the workplace.

Women and men have been shown to be victims of bullying in the workplace and the phenomenon is quite common. While females tend to be more at risk of bullying in general, research suggests that belonging to the gender minority, whichever that be in one’s workplace, makes bullying more likely.


Who I need
This research forms part of my dissertation for my Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology at the University of Manchester, so I would be really grateful for your help. The dissertation is due on September 4th 2017, and I am aiming to complete the research interviews by the end of July latest.

I am looking for women willing to take part in a confidential interview.  To qualify I need you to be employed, full or part time, or to have been employed within the past 12 months. I am only looking for women to take part as it allows an in-depth analysis of my findings, given the limited time period.
The interview can take place over the phone, over skype, or in person, it is up to you.
More details will be sent to volunteers in advance of the interview.

What will you be required to do?
The study will be in the form of a one-to-one interview. I will ask you a series of questions on your experiences and views surrounding gender in the workplace, while the questions on bullying will ask for you to think of any experiences you have witnessed happen to other.
There will be no requirement for you to talk about things that have happened to you, unless you wish to.

The interviews will last approximately 45 minutes.

Confidentiality and Anonymity
The interviews will be voice recorded and stored confidentially and anonymously. The recordings will be used to write transcripts and then the recordings will be deleted, and the transcripts will be stored in an encrypted file, and pseudonyms will be used in the write up. No personal details such as your name or the name of your organisation will be shared.

If you feel able to help and would like further information, please contact me at

Do please pass this request on to friends and family that you think may be able to help Rachel.  Thank you.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 16 July 2017


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