Taxi driver in Glasgow,  Scotland,  July 2017


This striking piece, wherever even the brick work is painted onto the wall, is by Glasgow street artist Bobby McNamara aka Rogue-One.  Glasgow has embraced street art and there a number of pieces by this talented artist.  I didn’t have enough time to explore properly but I’ll be back for more soon, hopefully.


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 17 July 2017

Posted as part of Monday Mural

13 thoughts on “Taxi!

  1. fabulous! so, even the brick work is not a brick work but a part of a mural? wow, that seems like a huge job, brick by brick by brick. the whole is just brilliant.

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  2. There is an official mural trail you can follow – though it might be out of date now we have 3 new Billy Connolly ones. I like the one near to this with the girl about to pick up something under her magnifying glass – and was once lucky enough to photograph it just as a woman walked past in exactly the right position to be snatched up.


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