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Street art galore


Near Hackescher Markt,  Berlin,  May 2017

Berlin is a great city for lovers of street art, with giant pieces by the likes of Blu and JBAK.  There are also areas that are heavily adorned with multiple works by a variety of street artists – areas where the pieces change rapidly, with new works appearing; old pieces fading and falling; layers building up.



Dircksenstrasse, a street running alongside the railway line in the Mitte district, makes a great walk for viewing this kind of art display.  It’s a only short stroll but will take a while if you want to take in the art.  This street also attracts many walking tours so you may have a few crowds to step around.


Dircksenstrasse,  Berlin,  May 2017

We’ll start the walk outside the easy-to-spot Kilkenny Irish pub at Hackescher Markt, and head west towards Alexanderplatz.


The instructions are straightforward: simply follow Dircksenstrasse, but feel free to wander under the arches and peep through any open doors.

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And the art is not always 2 dimensional:

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Once you get to Alexanderplatz, you have U-bahn, S-bahn, trams and buses all waiting to serve your travel needs.


The Fernsehturm near Alexanderplatz,  Berlin,  May 2017


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 10 October 2017

Posted as part of Monday Walk

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  1. Someone was looking over my shoulder as I was scrolling through these and he said he felt “overwhelmed at the ‘noise’ and the messiness of it all”.
    Personally, I would love to be so overwhelmed.


  2. Serious street art! As always you use your photographer’s eye to capture the pathos and the relevance. I love the fading lady, being ignored, and that crucifix guy! It’s often sad and angry, and no wonder, in this world. But just occasionally it brings the broadest smile. As do you! 🙂 🙂 Thank you very much, Debs. It’s a privilege to host your work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Berlin but it’s a big city to get around. So I was delighted to find this road full of street art virtually on the doorstep of my hotel.
      I’ve just been choosing my image for next week’s Monday Mural and it’s a sad one! Just as well you’ll be relaxing in the Algarve!
      And thank you for your lovely comment Jo 🙂


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