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  1. What a fabulous picture! I wonder if he’s been driven mad by commuting or something, and has decided to walk come hell or “high water”? 😀 #mysundayphoto


  2. Brilliant photo! Did you have to wait long for the right person to appear, or was it a spur of the moment thing? Plenty to see in this shot! #MySundayPhoto


    • I would think he’s used to having his photo taken if he always dresses like this.
      This area is just a few minutes walk from the station i arrive at when I go into London so I shall be watching out for him on my future camera breaks round here


  3. Brave guy, although he seems ot be smiling! We saw a similar instillation in Calais when we were on a day trip some time ago. The kids went wild in it and returned back on the ferry in soaking clothes! #MySundayPhoto

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    • On a warm day this area is full of youngsters getting wet!
      There’s an art college alongside and I’m wondering if this smart guy is a lecturer – he’s coming from that direction


  4. A brilliant photo with perfect precision! Which is a good thing with being such a snazzy dresser… it would be such a shame to get wet! 😀


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