High time

ICC Tower, Hong Kong,  November 2018


The ICC Tower stands 484 m tall, forming part of the Union Square which sits atop Kowloon Station. When built in 2010, it was the 4th tallest building in the world, but competition in these stakes are considerable and in 2018 it is only 12th tallest (see list here) in the world. However, it is still the tallest in the world and it houses both the highest swimming pool and the highest bar, the Ozone, in the world.

View down from the Ozone,  Hong Kong,  November 2018



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 17 December 2018
Posted as part of #timesquare


6 thoughts on “High time

  1. The higher they are the harder they fall. Have never understood why having the tallest is such a challenge. Its like little boys trying to see who has the longest yellow stream in the snow.


  2. Was thinking to myself that I didn’t remember this, and then I saw the dates and realised impossible for me to remember as it wasn’t there when I was!!

    Love the fact they made a clock tower out of it.


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