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These images show the contrast of old and new in Guangzhou (formerly known as Canton) in China. The framed pictures were on display inside the ancestral home of Bruce Lee, which is pictured top left (my shot) and bottom in the collage.

I only discovered this house as a result of seeing crowds of people at the top of the street. I was walking along the traditional Enning Road, when I found the hoards at the end of what looked to be a trendy, arty alley.  Not one to miss out on anything, I jostled my way down the narrow street, which reminded me very much of some of the small streets in Shanghai.

I had known the house was in the area but my slightly out-of-date guidebook said it was severely run down and closed. However, once I spotted a large Bruce Lee mural, I realised where I was. The whole area has been renovated and is certainly a big hit with both locals and visitors.

Welcome to One word Sunday – over to all of you to join the challenge with your own contrast post.
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Thanks to everyone who brought us some red last week – it proved a very popular topic. Special thanks go to Ken for an unusual and very red still life; to Jaspa for reminding me of the beauty of Monument Valley; and, to Sue for the most glorious red tree.

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Next week’s theme will be movement.
Other forthcoming themes are listed here, and to see previous weeks of this challenge, click here




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 17 February 2019

Posted as part of  One Word Sunday

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      • I feel the same about crowds, which is part of the reason I so enjoy walking in the park by myself, while hoping that lots of people will use it when I’m not there. (Not that a few people is a crowd, but…)

        As for my contrast, it was my pleasure, Debbie. 🙂


    • Definitely not always.
      I had mixed views on this street, but not being a local I find it hard to comment. It was very modern, in contrast to the street it ran off. That said, I did enjoy wandering the area, and it seems to be a huge turnaround in terms of living and working conditions.

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