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Chihuly sets Kew on fire

Glass artist, Dale Chihuly, is back at Kew Gardens, for the first time since 2005. I have been lucky enough to see a few pieces of his work before, but this is the first full exhibition I’ve had the chance to get to.

Inside Kew Garden’s Temperate House, London, April 2019

His works are placed around the botanic gardens, some inside, some outside. It opened yesterday, 13 April, and will be on until 27 October. If you are within reach, be sure to add it to your must do list for 2019.

I’ll take you on a longer exploration soon…..



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 14 April 2019

Posted as part of Photo a Week

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  1. He created an amazing piece for the Salt Lake City Olympics that stands in the foyer at Abravanel Hall where the Utah Symphony performs. It’s like looking at a tower of fire. Wonderful post!

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  2. I so love his work! I’ve been fortunate to see it in a number of places including Kew some years ago and an enormous installation at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens a few years ago, featuring some of these very beauties.


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  3. We have some “red reeds” at our museum here in Richmond VA
    and in the summer they have green foliage – similar to your installation shots – well not exactly – but red sure does look great with green – and I have never seen those curly things in the last photo – looking forward to your next shares of this cool exhibit.

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    • I was impressed at how much of his work was there, and the settings are excellent. The weather wasn’t kind to me yesterday and I didn’t fins all of his work, so I’ll definitely be back

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  4. Oh, brilliant, you’ve seen Chihuly’s glass in person….. I saw a snippet on TV, but it’s not the easiest place for me to access, alas. Looking forward to another post from you, Debbie!

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