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Time for a summer holiday

Stern of the Queen Mary, Liverpool, July 2019

 The Queen Mary 2 was in Liverpool on 16 July 2019, and was both welcomed and waved off by many excited locals, in what is considered to be the ship’s spiritual home. Indeed, she was docked close to the Cunard Building, built as headquarters of the Cunard Line , and then home to Cunard’s passenger facilities for trans-Atlantic journeys that departed from Liverpool.  

Around 300 passengers joined her here for the transatlantic voyage to New York, via Iceland and Nova Scotia.


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 28 July 2019

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  1. At night we see huge cruise ships passing on their way through the Inside Passage to and from Alaska. If we take our boat over to Campbell River we get a closeup view. – Margy

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  2. When we lived in Southern California, we saw it so many times from a distance, but never took the time for a tour:) Of course now I wished I had! Beautiful views for All Seasons and thank you for keeping us up to par with the rest of the world:):) Have a lovely week!

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  3. That is really a very big ship. We would go on holiday to Isle of Wight when I was a kid, some time in the fifties and the train would pass through Southampton. I remember the Queen Mary being docked in now and again in Southampton, the dock being next to the railway tracks and for a 10 year old like myself, that was very impressive if the ship was there.


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