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Impossible stairs

Impossible Stairs by Lewis Zammit, Senglea waterfront, Malta – photo March 2019

What a shame this piece has suffered so much damage in its 5 years on the Senglea waterfront. The confusion you can see in what remains is real – the stairs on the left go up, whereas the ones on the right go down to the water
To see it in its full glory, click here.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 19 August 2019

Posted as part of Monday Mural

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  1. The illusion is neat. I suspect everyone has occasionally had that kind of reversal in their own seeing == part of the way our brains work. A waterfront seems to be a perfect place for a mural, but the dampness would probably ruin any such work. Maybe it’s best to see it as a natural phenom — part of the lifespan of a mural

    best… mae at

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  2. What a pity they let the mural deteriorate as it was very pretty before.
    Thanks for participating Debbie.


  3. How sad the state of this mural has deteriorated so badly. I’m glad you shared the original because I didn’t “get” it in the state it’s in now. Reminds me of an Escher, where his steps lead both up and down at the same time.


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