10 thoughts on “Topside down

    1. Yes, it’s often called brutalist, though really it isn’t – it has way too many curves. But there is plenty of concrete! But it has great views and lots of green and water. And theatre, cinema, library and food and drink on site. Whenever you get to London next, you must do the architecture tour provided by the Barbican – you might fall in love, or at least find it less ugly!

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    1. I would like to as well. But it was the place to buy when council property was sold and prices were cheap. I’m not sure what the community is like anymore as a lot of it is long term rent or people who only turn up for weekends. Even overcoming the price issue, I think you’d have to check carefully before buying to ensure life in your block! And some people break the rules too! One apartment has coloured curtains!


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