Old Baku on the screen

Icherishekher na kinolyentakh (Baku Old City in Film), published 2017

I found this great book in a friendly and well-stocked bookshop in Baku. I had been attracted to the shop by its name, Ali & Nino, named after a one of my favourite love stories. That might be a book for a future cup of coffee.

But, today’s tome features a collection of stills from films that were shot in the old city of Baku, between 1896 and 2017. The introduction is written by Bahram Bagirzade, a local actor, director and tv star, who is clearly very proud of his city.

I don’t know many of the films, but the stills show some beautiful cinematography and captures of Baku. The film of Ali & Nino (I haven’t watched it yet) is featured and I especially like these stills, full of romance and atmosphere.

Stills from Ali & Nino film, 2015



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 5 May 2020

Posted as part of #acoffeeandabook series

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