14 thoughts on “We can always adopt a new point of view

      1. Aww well that’s not on. Didn’t they know you were coming?!

        Must admit though for most of my teenage years that’s how I knew it. They’d just finished the renovations in 87 and scaffolding removed, when along came the Great Storm (hurricane that wasn’t) and back up it went for a few more years!


  1. I’ve tried – where is Ivor Novello in your photo? (love the split view in this shot – great perspective!) I am also puzzled about the acorn between the faces of the man and the woman but I guess it is part of the advertised logo. All in all, pleasing but puzzling – to me, at least.

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    1. That was me writing the post when half asleep! Didn’t edit properly :(I hope you didn’t hunt for Ivor for too long!
      As for the acorn, that is a mystery to me too. I didn’t notice it at the time – it may just be a sticker someone added to the poster

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