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Beak up

It’s not often that you see a kingfisher looking up. Not so much beak up (chin up didn’t work) as eyes down, eagerly watching for the next meal to swim past. But a squirrel had just clambered onto the branches above and this young female was checking her safety.

young female kingfisher looking up

River Ver, St Albans, January 2021



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 10 January 2021

Posted as part of Becky’s January SquareUp

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      • A blue streak accounts for a lot of sightings of the Common Kingfisher. The Belted Kingfisher in North America males itself known by complaining loudly about almost everything.


    • I’m no expert either. Though I’ve spent more time trying since lockdown. These birds are frustratingly small and fast. And sensibly they are always on the opposite side of the river. Even with a long lens this is a tight crop.

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