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All hung up

Arles, France, August 2017

And some musical entertainment to accompany your morning coffee.

Hidden in the back seat of my head
Some place I can’t remember where
I found it just by coincidence
An’ now I’m all hung up again



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 24 January 2021

Posted as part of Becky’s January SquareUp

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  1. debbie – cool song! this is why i try and listen to songs that folks share in a post – we expand our culture and often find some that we like
    the obits is a bit humbling
    the beauty of simplicity and richness felt
    in perhaps not having excess

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  2. Bet the Arles local council wouldn’t be happy with this as an example of their fair city! It’s a great photo though, I love it.


  3. Growing up we had clothes lines in the backyard. I hated helping with the wash. My mother wanted clothes hung in a certain way.
    Heaven forbid if the neighbors saw towels mixed in with underwear.
    Now, I really wish I had a place to hang some things.


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