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Roosting up high

The St Albans Clock Tower stands just a short walk from the Abbey, and if you climb to the top you have a great view back to the cathedral and across the city. You also experience a close up encounter with the cockerel weather vane.

Cockerel weather vane on the Clock Tower, St Albans, Hertfordshire, January 2021

The exact date of construction of this tower is not known, but evidence points to the early fifteenth century, probably between 1403 and 1412. It is believed that it was built as a freestanding bell tower and, in those days, there was no cockerel. We know that substantial renovation work was carried out in 1866, including repair of exterior stonework, staircase, and addition of the gargoyles, spire and vane. Still, the cockerel looks pretty good for its age: 155 and still twirling up above the city.

The same cockerel in 2016 (above) and 2017 (below)



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 25 January 2021

Posted as part of Becky’s January SquareUp

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