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Walking in the steps of Killing Eve

Nayland Rock Hotel, Margate, Kent, October 2022 (taken with iPhone)
– featured in season 4 of Killing Eve

This once-grand hotel on the Royal Crescent opened in 1885, enjoying life as a top-class beachfront hotel, with visitors including Charlie Chaplin, TS Eliott and Mick Jagger. It now still enjoys its grand position gazing out to sea but is in a dreadful state, with bits falling off and unkempt gardens. There are talks of a major renovation but no evidence of it actually starting.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 1 November 2022

Posted as part of Becky’s WalkingSquares

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  1. What a shame. That could make wonderful homes for people if renovated into flats. I stopped watching Killing Eve after the third series or possibly the second. Can’t remember now!!

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    • I mainly watched the 4th series to see Margate – they shot both real Margate scenes and pretend Havana scenes there.
      And you’re right amount the need for homes. That said I’m impressed by the amount of renovation that is taking place in Margate. Kent has a “no use empty” scheme with interest free loans to encourage redevelopment. And a lot of the other changes seafront, flood protection, leisure, art, art and technical education, has changed the town. Now people want to live there and the hospitality industry there is soaring. You can tell, I’m quite a fan! But this hotel is a sad eyesore and I can’t find any detail on what is really planned for it.


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