Barcelona – Look Up, Look Down, week 6


The Challenge

Every Thursday I publish a post containing photos taken from above or below, and invite you to join in the challenge by posting your own photos with an up or down perspective.  Just publish your post as normal and then link it to this challenge.

Thanks go to everyone who entered last week.  You can see top entries from previous weeks on my Pinterest board.

Click here to view the entries.

To find out more about how to enter, click here.  The list will open each Thursday at 00:01 GMT and will be open for a week.  And don’t forget to go and visit the other challengers and pass on views and encouragement.

My Entry for this Week.


This striking sculpture certainly stamps its presence on Plaça de Catalunya.

It was created by Frederic Mares (1893-1991), a Spanish sculptor who studied and worked in Barcelona.  He specialised in monumental sculptures for public places; several of his works can be seen in and around Barcelona.

The woman in this particular sculpture supposedly symbolises Barcelona; she sits astride a strong horse and holds aloft a ship to represent  trade and exploration.



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21 thoughts on “Barcelona – Look Up, Look Down, week 6

    1. Hi! Thank you for joining us. I will check as soon as I’m online and let you know. If there are any problems I’ll correct them and tell you for future entries. Debbie

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      1. Your entry wasn’t added to the linky list but I’ve added it now. To add it for future entries, follow “click here to enter the challenge”, enter the URL of your post and then click on teh photo you’d like to appear in the thumbnails.


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