L is for… Loo with a View

These views are from what should surely be voted the most scenic loo in the world.


Take your time and enjoy the views through the window.

aDSC04889 aDSC04893

Very convenient for keen wildlife viewers and photographers!


Loo with a view provided by Wilderness safaris’ Tubu Tree Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

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38 thoughts on “L is for… Loo with a View

  1. I was picturing an outhouse with a pit toilet, but no, a modern one. Our outhouse up on the hill has a wonderful view of the lake and forest below. But it has been replaced with an indoor compost toilet. Much easier to use. No stairs up the cliff to climb at night or in storms. The view isn’t as good, but I wouldn’t trade back.


    1. This was a daytime loo only! No wandering outside tents at night without a guard. During the day it was a marvelous combination of luxury toilet and spectacular view.


  2. Gorgeous window views from a quite unexpected source! I’m really impressed with the cleanliness, too!
    Excellent title, though, that’s my favorite part 🙂


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