Virtuoso Gazebo

Salzburg,  Austria,  May 2018

Wondering what’s so special about this empty, ordinary-looking gazebo?
Well, this structure lurking in a corner of the gardens at Salzburg’s Schloss Hellbrunn has a history of stardom.

It made its debut film appearance in 1964, in the Sound of Music. It was the location of the Liesl and Rolf  love scene, featuring the song I am sixteen going on seventeen, and the Maria and Captain von Trapp scene, featuring Something Good.  However, the actual filming of gazebo shots took place in the park of Schloss Leopoldskron, and internal shots took place on a Hollywood sound stage.

After filming, the gazebo was gifted to the City of Salzburg, who decided to renovate it in 1991 and move it to Schloss Hellbrunn, where it can be easily visited by the public.  This reminder of the Sound of Music was well signposted in the gardens, but there were no crowds admiring it.  I have to say, I had at least expected it to be sitting in a greener, more pleasant location, rather than deposited next to a  wall and concrete.




 Copyright Debbie Smyth, 10 June 2018


Posted as part of Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

11 thoughts on “Virtuoso Gazebo

      1. My reading before I went was Maria’s autobiography – very interesting to see the differences between real life and the film. I was going to visit the Villa von Trapp but thunderstorm and the old car rally got physically in my way!

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