Wandering around the park at Hellbrunn

Yesterday you may have seen a peek of the Hellbrunn gardens when I shared a view of the gazebo from the Sound of Music film.  But there’s a lot more to the grounds than that.


Entering via the courtyard of the main house, brings you to the ticket office and cafe; head on across the courtyard and the park awaits you (no ticket required). When I arrived, the classic cars were lining up ready for the start of the annual rally in and around Salzburg, so I was distracted from my walk for a while.


But the 60 hectares of parkland dragged me away in the end. The grounds are a popular location for summer picnics, and I can see exactly why.  If sitting around and eating is not your cup of tea, then there are plenty of opportunities for a spot of exercise too – be it summer yoga or winter cross-country skiing.

I decided to walk before the heat built up too much, and I’d been told that a 10-minute stroll would take me to a great viewpoint.  I’ll tell you now that the “great” is undeniable, but the “10-minute” is under dispute.  But the steep clamber was well worth the effort, and the path wound its way beneath shady trees for the most part.  Arriving at the top, I found the Folk Museum and a sign for the viewpoint, which is really just a tiny walk further on.


My breath was taken away again by the views, with the house and gardens down below and the castle across in the distance.


I sat for a while enjoying the scene before me, and watching the multicoloured flecks of the classic cars as they set off.

By now the thunderstorm that had been forecast for the last few days, was making its intentions known.  Grey was rolling in behind me, so I headed back down to enjoy the gardens below before the rain also decided to descend.



The House itself is also well worth a visit, and the place has another great treat, the Trick Fountains, but that is a separate walk.  Soon, though, I promise…



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 11 June 2018

Posted as part of Monday Walks

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