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Palacio de Cibeles reaches 100

Madrid’s Palacio de Cibeles is celebrating its centenary this year. It opened 14th of March 1919 as the Telecommunications Palace, headquarters of the Correos, the Spanish postal and telecommunications service.

The building sits on Plaza de Cibeles in central Madrid, opposite the Bank of Spain and close to the Prado. This stunning building was the work of architects Joaquín Otamendi and Antonio Palacios, from 1907 to 1919.

Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid, March 2019

The building still houses a Post Office, and is the seat of the City Council, but it also hosts cultural events and art exhibitions, and offers a cafe, restaurant and bar. Topping all of that, is the Mirador, with great rooftop views across Madrid.

Interior of Palacio de Cibeles, March 2019

But the building is worth a wander even without any of those additions – its interior design is simply wonderful, with arches, sculptures and intricate details galore. And remember my motto – always look up!




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 22 March 2019

Posted as part of Tuesday Photo Challenge

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  1. Stunning. I love these buildings that take your breath away, they certainly makes a trip worth all the planning and rushing around to make it happen. This one looks like one of those.

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